Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes are Sunday morning, from 10:00am - 10:45am.  There are classes for every age group--from babies to senior adults.   

CHILDREN'S SUNDAY School, nursery

A class for birth to 3 year olds.  

Teacher: Lea Spicer



Children's Sunday School, pre-school

Learning about the love of Jesus through Bible stories, crafts and songs.  

Teacher: Karen Allen


Learning about Jesus and what the Bible teaches through Bible stories, games, crafts,  prayer, and fun! We are planting the seeds for a lifetime of growth in the Lord.

Teacher: Stephanie Mink

Children's Sunday School, 4th-6th grade

A time to educate the pre-teen group in the teachings of the Holy Bible and how we can apply them to our life.  We want to win the hearts of the children to the Lord.

Teacher: Stephanie Mink

High School Sunday school

A class for high school students, grades 7-12.

Teacher: Ben Bauer


young adult sunday school

A class for college age to mid twenties couples and singles.

"Connect" Sunday School

Men and Women, couples and singles, come together to study God's word and give encouragement to each other.

Teacher: Karen Westover


Men and women come together to learn to develop, grow and strengthen relationships in faith and spiritual maturity, and to introduce Jesus to anyone in need of Him.

Teacher: Terry Oliver

Men's Class Sunday School

A group of senior men, ages 55 -90, who study God's word, and have a closer relationship with one another, teaching each other how to grow through God's word.  We ask God to strengthen our body's that we may continue working for Him.

Teacher:  Ron Leach


Women's class Sunday School

A group of senior women who study God's word, and have a closer relationship with one another. Our mission is to teach God's word through the Holy Spirit.

Teacher: Nita Scott


Ministries During Church Service


Ages:  Birth to 3 years old

Provides child care during morning worship service, in a fun and safe environment.  Our mission is to show young children the love and compassion of Christ, while parents and guardians attend the church service, learning and being touched by God.

Contact: Joyce Jones

Children's Church - jams

Ages: 1st - 3rd Grade

*Children dismiss to group after Special Music *(11:15am - 12:00pm)

Provides an extended Sunday School learning and worship experience for children, and to allow parents time to worship uninterrupted.  Our mission is to lead children in meaningful worship.

Contact: Susan Stephens

Teachers:  Susan Stephens,

Brenda Bauer, Stephanie Mink

Children's Church - Little Shepherds

Ages: 3 years old through Kindergarten

Provides an extended Sunday School learning experience during morning worship service using Bible stories, games, snacks, puppet skits, music, and crafts.   Allows parents uninterrupted worship time, while the children are lead in meaningful worship at an age appropriate level.

Contact: Susan Stephens

Teachers:  Karen Davis, Marge Brady,  Lisa Hanson,

Pat Snipes, Karen Allen