Ministries and Activities

Here at North End Baptist Church, we have a variety of ministries, committees, and outreach groups that make church life meaningful to both the church body and the community which we service.  Everyone is encouraged to find that special talent or gift and to volunteer with a Godly heart.  If you are interested in joining us, please use the CONTACT page, and let us know! 

Worship Leadership team

The purpose of the Worship team is to lead the Body of Christ in meaningful and inspiring worship through blended styles of music. Our mission for God through worship using music is to prepare the hearts of believers to receive the Word of God, and therefore inspiring a meaningful relationship with God.

Leader: Gaylynne Chaney

Discipleship training Class

Meets on Sunday evening at 5:00pm. Class open to all adults.

Discipleship training is a time to learn God's word, equipping Christian believers with the tools they need to be a witness to the lost that surround us.

Teacher: Mike Allen

Women's ministry and WMU Missions

Meets weekly, usually on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm. All Women are invited to participate.

Women's ministry encourages women in spiritual growth, discipleship, hands on ministry, and evangelism.  Women are encouraged to be "worthy of respect, gentle in their speech, refraining from malicious gossip, temperate, and trustworthy in everything." ~I Timothy 2:11


WMU Missions inspires and provides opportunities for all church members and other participants to be aware of and involved in missions, and cooperates with other missions ministries within the church to help the congregation fulfill it's missions potential.

Youth Group

Meets on Sunday evening at 6:00 pm, during the evening service. 

Grades 8 through 12.

Teaching teens about Jesus and preparing them for the world ahead, including the adversity they will face because of their religion.  Preparing them to be leaders in the church and how to tell their friends about the Gospel.  There is also a winter youth retreat to Bambi Lake and various other planned activities throughout the year.

Youth Director:  Ben Bauer 

kid's club

Meets on Sunday evening at 6:00pm, during evening service.

Ages:  5 years old to 12 years old

The mission of Kid's Club is to equip tomorrows church leaders with knowledge of missions, missionaries, and mission projects through stories, videos and games.

Leaders:  Gaylynne Chaney and Karen Davis

Men's Bible Study

Scheduled at various times of the year, for men of all ages.

The purpose of the Men's Bible study is to lead men into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our mission is to disciple men in their relationship with Christ, and to help lead non-believers into a salvation experience.

Contact:  Mike Davis

Food Pantry

The purpose of the Food Pantry is to reach out to those in our community with emergency needs.  Our mission is to let those in need know that they are not alone, and that God and their church is there for them.

Contact: Audrey Miller

missions team

Meetings are scheduled throughout the year, as needed.

The Missions Team is composed of ministry coordinators who give leadership to the various mission projects of the church.  The mission for this group/team is to coordinate and promote the various ministries of the church and ensure that our approach to missions is effective and has the greatest impact in the community.

Contact:  Pastor Stephens

camps / retreats

Camps and Retreats are for Youth, Men, and Women; at various times throughout the year.


The Youth retreat is in January at Bambi Conference Center, and is sponsored with the Genesee Baptist Associations.

There are two (2) Women's retreats at Bambi during the year; one in the spring is a Missions retreat and one in the fall is the Harvest Retreat. 

There are two (2) Men's retreats at Bambi during the year; one in the spring and one in the fall.

Contact: Pastor Stephens

Vacation Bible School (Family Adventure Camp)

This ministry is currently called Family Adventure Camp, and it is in July each year.  The purpose of VBS is to reach the entire family with the mission of bringing individuals to faith in Jesus Christ through their salvation.  VBS offers a time of music, crafts, and scriptures to teach and share the message of God's word to everyone in our community.

Contact: Pastor Stephens

Wild Game Dinner

Annual Wild Game Dinner held in February.

This is an annual fundraiser to help with the missions needed to reach out into the community.  Opportunities to taste wild game dishes, and bid on silent auction items.

Contact: Dale Stephens

Softball teams

Softball teams for both men and women, Ages 16 and over. - SUMMER CHURCH ACTIVITY

Men's games: Monday @5:30pm

Women's games: Tuesday @5:30

The purpose of the softball teams is to have fellowship with team mates and other teams from various churches and groups in the community.

Contact:  Dale Stephens