North End Baptist Church

"Welcome Home To Your New Church"

Membership at NEBC


We consider membership in North End Baptist Church to be a very important decision for the person and for the church. That is why each person is required to attend a Prospective New Members Class. The Pastor will work with you in setting up a class that will meet your schedule.  




There are 4 Ways You Can Join North End





You can join the church upon your profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and by following Him in baptism.   The Pastor or other church leaders can help you in making this decision.




You may already be a Christian but have never followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.   Baptism by immersion and as an act of obedience is required for church membership.




If you are currently a member of a Southern Baptist Church you can join North End by transfer of your church letter.




You can join North End by your statement of faith in Jesus Christ and your scriptural baptism.